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Restaurant Solutions

The Heart of the Restaurant Solution

Every restaurant has its own unique soundscape. Making the soundscape an enjoyable part of the overall experience for the guest is just as important as the décor, lighting, and layout of the guest areas. Symetrix products allow the soundscape of each area of the restaurant to be crafted to enhance the guest experience while remaining simple and intuitive to use. Uncompromising audio quality combined with simple user controls available on a wall station, a tablet, or a mobile phone turn the restaurant soundscape into a compelling AV experience.

Leveraging Powerful Tools for Simple Operation


Simple and economical DSP that requires near zero programming time for rapid deployment


Easy expansion of networked audio and 3rd party video


Symetrix touchscreens are ideal anywhere users need to control audio sources and levels.

W-Series Remotes

IP and PoE based controllers giving simple and easy end-user control


Virtual User Interface for Symetrix DSPs

‘Old Hollywood’- Style Steakhouse on Lovers Lane Chooses Symetrix

Drake’s Hollywood is a swanky, Old Hollywood-inspired restaurant, bar and lounge that has live music and DJ sets, along with a cocktail menu influenced by the legendary Beverly Hills Hotel. The decor takes you back in time, with a circular bar, red interior, and dim mood lighting. Restaurant aficionados say that Drake’s Hollywood should be ranked amongst 3-Star Michelin restaurants that you might encounter in France, Spain, or New York. The restaurant is up there with the best of them in terms of food quality and service. Even with the sophisticated concept, Drake’s is supposed to be a comfortable, fun place to hang out with friends. Danny Salinas, President of AlleyCat AV installed a new, crystal-clear audio system featuring Symetrix DSP Prism 8×8, Fulcrum Acoustic CX896’s and Innovox Audio MicroSubs at the upscale Drake’s Hollywood restaurant in Dallas, TX.

Gibsons Italia

Chicago, IL

We like bulletproof products so our systems are bulletproof, and Symetrix DSPs give us that. They’re also very easy to program; their user interface is far superior to the others we tried.
Tim Pickett
- Encompass AV owner

SOHY Sky Lounge

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Symetrix processors are amongst the highest fidelity audio processors in the market and offer native Dante connectivity, while the ARC-WEB interface is a highly intuitive, zero-cost network-based control solution.
Phu Tran Pham
- Founder of DesignLive

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Composer Basic Training

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